STUDIO 11:11


11:02 Sensory Lab

Studio 11:11 explored a rich, theatrical approach to the new Sensory Lab in Sydney, aligned with the cafe group’s ongoing vision to bring unique and engaging sensory experiences.

Referencing the cabinet of curiosities; part collector’s gallery and part apothecary chamber, Studio 11:11 found a sophisticated balance between a nostalgic notion and a modern day interior. A muted palette and timber mouldings are pared with shiny chrome fittings and sleek, square set angles. A curated selection of one-off antique silverwares adorn the shelves, conveying the story of wonder and intrigue through to the minor details.

An artfully designed central table continues this story. Solid walnut timber is offset by the insertion of modern concrete monoliths. On top of these plinths, a landscape of glass vitrines house more of the curio, inviting people to gather around a central focus and view the collection of artifacts over a cup of coffee.

The skillful use of finishes seamlessly blends the slightly worn and familiar with the polished and contemporary, reflecting Studio 11:11’s considered approach to materiality. Hammered velvet, distressed timber, and tactile wall paint gives a nod back to a time full of charm and romance. The period style bar cabinet is lined internally with hyper-modern chrome and mirror. Overall, a thoughtful combination of old and new.

This softly lit space invites you to immerse yourself in the unique Sensory Lab experience.


Photographer: Nicholas John Wilkins

Builder: EMAC

Cabinet Maker: Carpentry By Stu

Custom furniture: Made Studio