STUDIO 11:11

STUDIO 11:11

Studio 11:11 is the lovechild born from two Melbourne-based interior designers who endeavor to embrace the inherent honesty of handmade design. With a penchant for architectural aesthetics that reflect the creative soul of the city, Studio 11:11 prefers simplicity to perfection. 

Their designs are created through a process of distillation between the initial concept and the final outcome, leaving room for practicality and experimentation.Through intentional detailing, considered design, and quality workmanship they have crafted products that are timeless in both style and durability. 

By invoking a sense of connection and awareness between the consumer and their product, Studio 11:11 aims to challenge the culture of mass-produced fast fashion. With an ethos that aims to reduce waste and ensure fair relationships with all suppliers, their products are both ethically sourced and sustainably crafted.

Made by local craftsmen, the creations of Studio 11:11 are timelessly beautiful, exceptionally precise, and ultimately express their ardent yet minimal attitude towards design. Studio 11:11 designs are transportable and unique works of art that exhibit the intricacies and sophistication of their manufacturing processes. 


Literature lover and creative entrepreneur Adelle can be described as nothing other than an ambitious, multicultural wizard in mortal form. If she finds a skerrick of time between her full-time job as an architect and working her laser-cutting magic after-hours, you'll find her hanging on the couch with her lop-eared, litter-trained, blue-fawn bunny, Fiver, whose name was inspired by the children's storybook, 'Watership Down'.

As a self-confessed "confused bag of cultures", Adelle grew up in Malaysia speaker a myriad of languages, and moved to Australia in 2004 to embark on lots of creative endeavors. Adelle and her clever troops at The Make Lab (all architects and designers from every corner of the world) may have started out in a granny flat in Elwood, but soon they outgrew their beach-bum hippy neighbours and moved into a studio above a bar in Richmond. They fed their business with plenty of perseverance and a good dose of fervour, and gradually found that they were growing like a child on a vegemite-rich diet.

Now situated on Victoria St in Abbotsford, The Make Lab is committed to turning the ideas of local designers, such as Studio 11:11, into beautiful realities with their beloved friend, the laser-cutting machine. The leather of the 11:11 Tote bag is laser-cut here with a lot of precision.

You can find Adelle and the folks at The Make Lab at

Words by Katie Wilkins

Photographs by Nicholas Wilkins